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What is F-Line.PRO?

The new F-Line.PRO system has been designed for use with compressed air, vacuum and neutral gases distribution networks, and it can also be used as an end of the line for the containment of industrial plants.

Thanks to the experience gained in the industrial sector and over twenty years of specialization in the field of pneumatic and fluidic application, Tierre Group has developed the F-Line.PRO with a new defined highly technological standard of push-in connection.

Perfect sealing, mechanical performances of high quality levels, easy assembly and modularityallow for significantly reduced times of installation, as well as an important cost saving throughout the sevice life of the system.

The special aluminium alloy used for the production of the tubes and the distinctive paint finish, in addition to the high-performance polymer used for the production of the fittings, represent the best possible solution for the construction of compressed air networks.

Corrosion phenomena will no longer be a problem and the quality of the air conveyed through the F-Line.PRO system will ensure a longer life of the instruments and the machinery connected.

The f-Line.PRO range also includes all the accessories necessary to complete a modern and efficient distribution network for compressed air.

Simple and quick to install, safe and intuitive to use, robust and economical.

A highly professional product with the capability to make compressed air distribution networks an easy reality.