F-line Pro

F-Line Pro

The F-Line.PRO system has been designed for the realization of networks for compressed air, vacuum, neutral gases and for the construction of industrial plants. Thanks to the very long experience in the industrial field, with focus on pneumatic applications, Tierre Group created a new system, highly technological. F-Line.PRO is a quick assembly system with a perfect pneumatic seal and a remarkable mechanical endurance. The special aluminium alloy of the pipes, coated by hot electrostatic paint, and the high performance reinforced polymer used for the fittings are the best solution for compressed air networks and minimize the risk of corrosion, always granting the best possible quality of the air for a long life of the system and of the connected tools in normal working conditions. Easy to be assembled, thanks to the low weight components (tubes, fittings and accessories), connection without glue or welding needs, reusable, modular, these are only some of the advantages when choosing F-Line.PRO.

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